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Are you eligible to vote?

The voting date is October 24, 2022.
The Advanced voting dates are October 6th - 9th and October 11th - 15th

You must be:

  • A Canadian citizen and 18 years of age or older on election day

  • A resident, owner or tenant of property in Ward 7, Oakville

Ward 7 is bounded on the:


North by the northern boundary of the Town, between Tremaine Road and Eighth Line;

East by Eighth Line, between the northern boundary of the Town and Dundas Street;

South by Dundas Street, between Eighth Line and Tremaine Road; and,

West by Tremaine Road, between Dundas Street and the northern boundary of the Town


If you are eligible, make sure you are on the voter list.

Step 1

Go to
and fill in required information before clicking the 
Lookup button

Step 2

Please confirm two things so you know you are all set for vote:

2.   Ward number is 07

If you believe you should be on the list but you are not, you can always use the Update button to correct any inaccurate information as needed.

Step 3

The Where do I Vote? button will show you all the voting locations on both advanced voting dates and election date.
Check the dates on this page:
Where do I vote?

We prepared a convenient table with limited key information for you:

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