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Please read the bottom section on this page for the detailed requirement of the Campaign Contribution Rebate Program.


Please include below information only if you want to participant the Campaign Contribution Rebate Program:

  • Your name

  • Your address

  • Your phone number

All your support will help us to make changes happen.

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Campaign Contribution Rebate Program

Town of Oakville Council passed By-law 2021-122, which authorizes a contribution rebate program for eligible individuals who make monetary contributions to candidates running for positions on Council.

Contribution requirements (Campaign Contribution Rebate Program):

  • the contributor must be an eligible elector, residing in the Town of Oakville;

  • the minimum contribution qualifying for a rebate shall be $100;

  • each contribution of $100 or more shall be eligible for a rebate of 50%

  • contributors do not exceed the maximum contribution limits of $1200 per candidate and a maximum total contribution of $5000

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