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Ward 7 Newsletter - December 2023 - From Councillor Scott Xie

Dear Ward 7 Residents,

As we approach the end of the year and start celebrating the holiday season, the vibrant spirit of our community shines through in various initiatives and events that have brought us together.


What’s Happening in Town

Here's a recap of the recent happenings and exciting upcoming events in our town:

2024 Town Budget Receives Approval

Oakville Town Council unanimously adopted the 2024 Budget that keeps the property tax increase of 4.38 per cent, inclusive of town, regional and educational taxes, the lowest in Halton region.

The 2024 budget strategically allocates resources to invest in Oakville's future and address its key priorities as a vibrant and livable community. Notable highlights encompass funding for new parks, greenspaces, trail development, and the renewal of existing parks. Additionally, provisions have been made for acquiring land for future park development and a potential Trafalgar corridor north library. Investments in infrastructure include funding for road resurfacing, preservation programs, traffic management, and road safety initiatives. As Oakville steps into the new year, the 2024 Budget sets a promising path for sustained growth, improved quality of life, and community welfare.

Visit the 2024 Budget page for more information, including presentations, breakdowns, the budget decision flowchart and more.

Town staff seek input regarding the IDEA Strategy

In an endeavour to foster a more inclusive community and workplace, the Town of Oakville recently revealed the initial draft of its Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Multi-Year Plan on December 18. This plan signifies the result of extensive collaboration and consultations over several years, all aimed at cultivating a sense of belonging for everyone within Oakville.

The detailed IDEA Multi-Year Plan delineates four primary objectives designed to enhance the town's ongoing initiatives in promoting inclusivity. Read more here.

Toy Drive Success

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Oakville Professional Firefighter Association for the tremendous success of the 31st Annual Toy Drive! Your generosity in contributing toys and gift cards has made this holiday season brighter for many families in our community.

Oakville Tops Cities for Culture Days

For the second in a row, the Town of Oakville has been recognized for its vibrant cultural scene, securing the top spot for Culture Days. This achievement reflects the rich artistic and cultural diversity that thrives in Oakville. Learn more on this achievement here.

Empowering Oakville: Launching the Community Activation Grant Program

As a significant move towards promoting community engagement and a sense of unity, the Town of Oakville is excited to announce the introduction of the Community Activation Grant program. This initiative, supported by the Council and allotted an annual funding of $35,000, aims to assist grassroots initiatives led by residents, informal associations, and neighborhood groups, all contributing to strengthening community ties and nurturing a feeling of inclusivity.

This program will offer grants of up to $2,000 to eligible community and resident groups, as well as impromptu gatherings, organizing smaller-scale events, initiatives, and programs within Oakville. The emphasis is placed on activities that enhance the overall welfare of the community while fostering a greater sense of belonging. To find out more and apply here.


@Ward 7

Sixteen Mile Creek Hosts World Juniors Camp

Our prestigious Sixteen Mile Creek Sports Complex recently hosted the Canadian World Juniors Training Camp, showcasing elite hockey talent and fostering community pride. This is just a glimpse of what's to come as the facility gears up to host the Centennial Cup from May 9-19, 2024. Buy tickets for 2024 Centennial Cup here.

Our own Christmas tree lighting

Delighted by the overwhelming response at the Ward 7 Christmas tree lighting event! Now an annual signature @ Ward 7, our community bonds together celebrating the beginning of holiday season and lights up the Christmas tree together. I am grateful to Mayor Rob Burton, Kelly Amos and all the reidents who graced the occasion alongside Councillor Nanda and me.

North Oakville Business Forum

The inaugural North Oakville Business Forum and Networking event was a resounding success! A huge turnout was seen from small/mid-sized business owners, vendors, residents and consumers across from the town (and afar). A booming business is a cornerstone to the prosperity of our community and we all play a role to support our homegrown business. A big thank you to our dedicated volunteers and contributors for making this event memorable. Special shou-tout to Nick Yu for capturing those fantastic moments. And my heartfelt appreciation goes to Ron Chhinzer, the President of the North Oakville Ward 7 Resident Association and a prominent community leader, for orchestrating this exceptional gathering. Also grateful for Paybilt for their generous sponsorship, contributing to the success of the event. We also had pleasant company from Associate Minister of Small Business, MPP Nina Tangri, MPP Effie Triantafilopoulos, Milton Councillor Sammy Ijaz, and Trustee Chris Saunders. Councillor Nanda and I reaffirm our commitment to continuously supporting the development of local businesses. It's thrilling to witness the continuous growth of businesses within our community!

Santa’s landing @ Ward 7!

Santa Claus had an exclusive drop-by from his busy itinerary. What a wonderful experience to sit with Santa side by side. We extended our gratitude to all the residents who joined us to meet Santa, savor some hot chocolate and coffee. Councillor Nanda and I were delighted to engage with many neighbors to send out best wishes. It was a pleasure to have our MPP Effie Triantafilopoulos visit and interact with families, along with the Oakville Fire team sharing valuable fire safety tips. The choir's rendition of Christmas carols added a joyful ambiance to the day. Did you whisper to Santa what you had wished for during the holiday season?



Mayor and Council's Annual Levee

Start the new year by joining the Mayor and Council at the Annual Levee. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect with community leaders and fellow residents, and to share the joy and hope of the year ahead. Learn more here and hope to see you all soon.

RBC Economic Outlook 2024

Stay informed about the economic landscape at the RBC Economic Outlook 2024 event. Join us for valuable insights and discussions about the year ahead.Find more details here.

As we embrace the holiday season and look forward to the new year, let's lean on our community spirit and support one another, especially our men and women in uniform, first responders, healthcare professionals who are working around the clock to keep our community safe. To the beautiful town we proudly call home, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Warm regards,

Scott Xie

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Councillor Scott Xie's December newsletter for Ward 7 residents is packed with updates on town initiatives and community events, showcasing the vibrancy and unity within Oakville. From budget approvals to cultural accolades and grassroots empowerment programs, the newsletter highlights the town's commitment to inclusivity and progress. The personal touch, including community gatherings and Santa's visit, reflects a strong sense of community engagement. Xie's dedication to serving the community shines through, fostering a warm and connected neighborhood. Thank you, Councillor Xie, for your tireless efforts and for keeping Ward 7 residents informed and engaged.

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