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Ward 7
Resident Satisfaction Research

Dr. Scott Xie is running for Ward 7 Town Councillor Election this October. As a candidate, he is interested to know the residents’ satisfaction with the current town services and what needs to be improved. Therefore, we conducted a ward 7 resident satisfaction survey to get feedback on Town’s service delivery during past weekends. The survey was conducted both online and in person simultaneously. In two weeks, we received 60 online survey responses, and 38 responses were collected through an in-person investigation. Among all 98 responses, only 7 are not from ward 7 residents. These responses were excluded from the following analysis to represent ward 7 residents’ satisfaction better.


For the remaining 91 responses:

  • 45 (49.5%) are somewhat satisfied, and 20 (22%) are very satisfied with the overall quality of life in the community. Meanwhile, 18 (19.8%) responses are somewhat dissatisfied, and 7 (7.7%) are very dissatisfied with the overall quality of life in the community.

  • 58 (63.7%) and 15 (16.5%) are somewhat satisfied or very satisfied with a feeling of belonging in ward 7 neighborhood. About 13(14.3%) and 4 (4.4%) are somewhat dissatisfied or very dissatisfied.

  • 37 voted in the last town election; 73 were going to vote this October.

The 91 respondents, 62(68.1%) are between 34 and 54, 15 (16.5%) are older than 55, and 12 (13.2%) are between 18 and 34. 41 (45.1%) residents have lived in ward 7 for over 5 years. 33 (36.3%) residents have lived in ward 7 between 3 and 5 years, and the rest lived in ward 7 for less than 2 years. Our survey analysis results regarding satisfaction on town services is shown in the following charts. The two summary charts show that almost half of our respondents are not satisfied with the town services provided in Ward 7. There is a need to understand the root cause and how the situation can be improved in the future.


Detailed results are shown below.


In our survey, we also consulted the residents about their top 3 concerns of their community. 75 out of 91 expressed that safety was their top concern, followed by parks/green space and recreational fields/facilities.


Regarding town services that need improvement, 53 out of 91 expressed that the public library was the most needed to be improved. In addition, 46 out of 91 residents hope recreation programs, recreational fields, and facilities to be improved as well


Dr. Xie is determined and committed to serving the people in Ward 7 with his unique skill sets, outstanding leadership, enthusiasm, and integrity. He will leverage his extensive professional and educational experiences to shape vitality and create a new perspective for the community. Before conducting the survey, Dr. Xie talked with more than 30 residents of Ward 7 to understand their needs. The survey results reflect the same issues as what was mentioned in these conversations. This information proves that Dr. Xie's missions (Growth Community, Harmonious Community, and Greener Community) will initiate improvements and bring a better future for Ward 7.

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